Zynga Tries Again with Farmville 2

farm21Can Zynga find salvation in a new Farmville game? It certainly hopes so.

Farmville was pretty much the game that made Zynga. While the studio has had many successes in the social gaming sphere, Farmville was the first one that became a full-on phenomenon and made people seriously hate social gaming and all of the nagging invites that came along with it. Farmville was special.




So, naturally, it’s no surprise that Zynga has returned to the well in its time of need. Things at the studio haven’t been going so great -- maybe a sequel to its most famous game can give it the kick it needs to steam forward into new success. Farmville 2: Country Escape is now live on the iTunes App Store, and you can download it right this second free-of-charge.


Country Escape follows the typical Zynga system; it’s free to play but has numerous in-app purchases to wring your precious dollars out of you. However, there are new features that may be worth exploring including an anonymous mode that doesn’t use social features and an offline mode that lets you mess with your farm when away from the web.