Yesterday’s Apple Event Recap: What You Need To Know About the New World of Apple

Apple Event 10 2013 iconYesterday was an insane day for Apple announcements, but you can count on me to list them all in one place. Want to hear about the latest iPads, Macbooks, and the software that they run? Look no further! Here is QJ's official October 22nd Apple event recap!










Yesterday was an insane day for Apple announcements, but you can count on me to list them all in one place. Want to hear about the latest iPads, Macbooks, and the software that they run? Look no further! Here is QJ's official October 22nd Apple event recap!



iWork and iLife: A Solid Opening Act


As the crowd packed in to the auditorium to hear yesterday's news, Apple CEO Tim Cook probably knew that iWork and iLife were two products that we definitely didn't tune in to see. As such, he did decided the best thing to do would be to open the address with information on that front. When it comes to iWork, software updates on the iOS and Mac side will sport an all new interface that puts its look more in line with what we currently see on iOS 7. It's full 64-bit capable, and is simple enough to allow for focus on the required task.



 iWork 2013 2



There is also emphasis on sharing your work with others thanks to the new ability to post your projects as web links, social media posts, and even emails. This socialization aspect also carries over into the intuitive collaboration options embedded in iWork for iCloud. As long as your buddies have a working Apple ID, you'll be able to edit documents as a team. Who cares about Words with Friends? This is Work with Friends! The best part of all is that the revised iWork will be free on all new Mac and iOS products.


In addition, iLife was also mentioned. iPhoto will be fortunate enough to receive the benefits of a new interface that includes a Print Products feature. This allows users to easily organize their snapshots into printed calendars and photobooks that can be shipped directly to your doorstep. iMovie on the other hand adds in slow motion controls and a new mode called iMovie Theater. Essentially all this does is sync your various clips across devices so that you can watch them anywhere you like. To round things out, GarageBand will now support sixteen editable tracks and thirty-two on device's with an A7 chip. To spice up your music, you can also enjoy a series of fifteen preset drummer styles with distinct personalities that automatically keep time with your music.


I know it's a lot to take in, but you probably don't care that much about it anyway. If you have a Mac, the news coming up about Mavericks is sure to get you a lot more excited!










OS X Mavericks: Wild, Feature-Rich, and Free



The news of OS X Mavericks has been around for quite some time now, so I won't belabor this next point for too much longer than I need to. In case you don't already know, Mavericks is the very latest (and presumably last) major update to Mac OS X. During the keynote, many previously known features were discussed such as battery management utilities, app notifications, and the iCloud Keychain. The latter of which is a convenient way to store your passwords and other important data in the always accessible cloud. That's nothing new per say, but I'm not finished yet.






The biggest bomb drop about Mavericks has to do with its price. As of today, users on OS X Snow Leopard or higher can update to the new operating system for the grand price of free! That means pretty much anyone with a halfway current Mac won't have to pay a dime to get all of the benefits that Mavericks has to offer. We'll be saying goodbye to OS X soon, but getting to that last build is easier than ever before.



With so much new software on the horizon, you'd have to imagine that hardware is also on the way to match it. What a coincidence! That's exactly what I'll be talking about on the very next page!











Macbooks and Mac Pros Get a Refresh



Before Apple broke into the mobile space with the iPod, they were all about computers. That tradition continued yesterday with the announcement of the new Macbook and Mac Pro line of products. On the more portable side, Macbooks are now officially privy to a $200 price cut putting the 13-inch model at just $1300 and the 15 for $2000. The smaller of these two basic sets does come with some slightly limiting specs however. It features just 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD storage, and an i5 Haswell processor. If You spend more for the bigger size, you'll get 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and an i7 instead. Graphics-wise, all skus have Iris or Iris Pro integrated graphics with the exception of one $2600 build that contains a GeForce GT 750M. There are plenty more specific upgrade options available, and you can see those on the Apple Store website. Should you want one, they are all available now.






As far as the upcoming Mac Pros are concerned, these trash can-like desktops are built for pure speed and power. Starting at $300, these beasts sport 2GB RAM, 256GB SSD storage, a 3.7GHz quad-core Xeon processor, and dual FirePro D300 graphics. While no specific secondary models were mentioned, reference was also made to a $4000 model with a 6-core CPU, 16GB RAM and dual D500s instead. If you want a Mac Pro at launch, you'll have until the end of 2013 to start saving your pennies!



Have I teased you enough? Let's get to the story that everyone's talking about: say hello to the new iPads on the final page!











The New iPads are Here: iPad Air and iPad Mini (Retina)



In case you just did a double take, I'll confirm that the brand new iPad is indeed called the iPad Air. The name does sound a bit silly, but it does actually make sense. After all, this new tablet is 20% thinner and 28% lighter than the last version. In total, this accounts for a weight of just one pound. In a sense, this is as close to weightlessness as any full size tablet has ever come before.



iPad Mini iPad Air 2



In terms of specs, what you're going to get is essentially a larger version of the iPhone 5S. It sports the exact same A7 processor with a 5MP camera and a dual microphone array. What's remarkable is that all of this speed and 64-bit power is still capped at the usual ten hour battery life standard. The only major cutbacks to the Air is that it does not feature any sort of Touch ID sensor, and that it will only come in white and space grey iterations. Still, this is one thin and mighty slate. Per usual, it will retail for $499 for 16GB with wifi, and $630 for 4G. When should you start standing in line? Sale begins on November 1st at 8AM!


To get a little bit smaller let's talk about the iPad Mini. I'll make things simple for you by saying that what you have here is pretty much an 8-inch, slightly chunkier version of the iPad Air. It features the same design as last year, but sports an A7 processor and 5MP camera just like its big brother. You'll also find the long-awaited Retina Display that translates to the smaller surface with no quality loss whatsoever. This is a huge spec bump from the last version, but it comes with a bit of a price. The new iPad Mini costs $399 for wifi and $530 for 4G. It will go on sale some time next month. Should that be too expensive, you might also be glad to know that the non-Retina Mini will be sold for a reduced $299 and the iPad 2 is now tagged at $399.



Has Apple continued to innovate, or have they lost their magic touch? Let me know in the comments section!