Yes! Earthbound Finally Comes to Virtual Console

eatb1It only took a million years. But finally, Earthbound is coming. Hooray!

Earthbound is one of the best RPGs ever made. It’s also one of the weirdest -- the whole game is something of a satirical take on the RPG genre as whole. There’s just one big problem with Earthbound: It hasn’t been available in North America since it launched on the Super Nintendo.




Fans have been crying for a Virtual Console release ever since the Wii launched, but it never happened. Even as Japanese gamers kicked back with the game on their Wiis, western gamers were left out in the cold. Unless, of course, you wanted to pick the game up at a used games shop for a ridiculous price (last check: $150).


But it all ends now. In this morning’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo confirmed that EU and NA gamers will finally get a Virtual Console release of Earthbound. There’s no specific date, but Satoru Iwata promises a launch before the end of 2013.