Wildstar going free-to-play on Steam?


NCSoft’s WildStar was supposedly going to be THE NEXT BIG THING in the MMO world, the game that would destroy World of Warcraft and blaze a new trail of riches and glory. Of course, the actual reality is that WildStar launched, no one wanted to pay another subscription for an MMO, and people just abandoned the game in droves. According to NCSoft’s latest financials report, WildStar brought in only $2 million in total revenue over the last quarter, putting it well behind any and all competitors.


But hey, that could change. Word from the rumor mill is that the game is headed to Steam soon, and according to one possible-employee on Reddit, a free-to-play transition will follow.




Here’s a clip from the post:


“As has oft been discussed around here, Wildstar is going to be changing its business model in August (tentatively of course, patch stuff etc) to a Hybridized Free to Play model. Now thankfully it is not going Pay to Win, I suppose you could call it “Freemium” in a way as a lot of the stuff that the paid accounts will get is buffs to experience/rep/renown etc gain and character slots and the like, no direct power buffs or anything like that. MTX (Microtransactions) will be included moving forward as well and you will hear more about that very soon.”


None of this is confirmed, but color us interested.