Wii / Wii U Homebrew: Cubicle Shooter Will Make You Fear Crowds

cubicle shooter iconWhile we certainly spend a whole lot of time covering all kinds of Sony homebrew, sometimes it's easy to forget that there are in fact other scenes out there. While the Wii and Wii U may not offer quite as many robust tweaks as other systems, through various exploits you can still manage to have a whole lot of fun. This new release from ThatOtherDev is one that will have you shooting crowds.



The developer known as ThatOtherDev is probably one of the most known homebrew game authors around considering their participation in so many communities. When it comes to PS3, they can be thanked for favorites such as UFO Racer and Hero City which both have you moving at the speed of light to avoid any targets that come your way. This newly released Wii game offers a slightly different experience. Instead, in Cubicle Shooter, you'll be confronted by a mass of suit and tied enemies while you shoot cubed bullets at them to avoid being hit. This can be tricky as more and more enemies continue to move in.




cubicle shooter




While the game itself is only in v0.4, the changes made are certainly important ones. A bug has been fixed that allowed gamers to double jump, and several optimizations have been made to increase overall performance by way of frame rates and saves. To combat the long save time, you should now be able to bring up the home menu to do a little multi-tasking while you wait. Also thanks to a new save file type, load speeds should increase. Although it should be noted your old saves will now not work. While the game does take a long time to save, it's still a pretty fun and addicting homebrew.


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