Why Aren’t You Watching Twitch Plays Pokemon?

Pokemon1Observe the chaos of 50,000 people playing a game at once.

Twitch has long been the center of the video game livestreaming world. But perhaps no event has captured the attention of the greater gaming populace as well as the ongoing Twitch Plays Pokémon. The concept is simple: Take chat commands and use a bot to interpret those commands as actual game inputs. Then leave the game to see if it can be completed by a group.




The idea has proven explosively popular. At the moment, about 50,000 people are trying to progress through the game. As you may imagine, it’s slow going. With 20 seconds or so of Twitch delay, duplicated commands, and more than a few trolls hitting the Start button and purposefully falling off ledges, it’s a wonder they’ve made it as far as they have.


Check out the livestream here and feel free to enter some commands to help or hinder progress. Victory Road is going to be pure joy.