White iPhone 4 Ships to Stores This Week

It's been a long wait, but the white iPhone 4 is finally about to go on sale! After 10 months of waiting, numerous delays and thousands of rumors, the white iPhone 4 is set to go on sale in just a few days. According to sources close to Apple, the company’s U.S. stores have begun to receive promotional information on the white iPhone 4, which will be available in both Verizon and AT&T models and will launch “within the next week.” Some stores have already received shipment notifications with orders to hold all stock in the back of the store until they are notified otherwise. The likeliest date for an official announcement is Wednesday, April 27. Given the numerous reports from Europe, the while iPhone 4 seems to be launching in other countries at the same time as in the U.S. A few days ago, it was revealed that the inventory systems of the U.K. wireless carrier Vodafone showed stock of the white iPhone 4 handsets and photos of a 16GB model were posted online. Also, Mobili.no has reported that the white iPhone 4 will go on sale in Norway’s Telenor and NetCom mobile shops starting April 27. Italian site iPhone Italia claims that the device will makes its debut on April 26, but most of the rumors are pointing to the next day.

The belated launch of the white iPhone 4 should give Apple a big boost in both sales and media attention. Many potential buyers have been holding off upgrading to an iPhone 4 thinking that the iPhone 5 is coming in June, just a few weeks away. But with all the rumors that the next gen iPhone could be delayed until fall, or even early next year, customers could definitely be tempted to take the plunge by the shiny new white iPhone 4.