What Do You Think? Subscription-Based MMOs

glw2smWith the upcoming release of the next installment of the Guild Wars saga on the 28th of this month, MMO fans are getting psyched up to be treated to one of this year's most promising games.

What's more is, not only does this game seem to break the mold with every screenshot, but it is also one of the only games in this genre to openly deny the typical subsctiption service model.





In a recent interview cited by Gamespot, production manager for the game Chris Lye defends this practice by saying that such subscription pricing plans simply "don't work." Unfortunately for Lye, I think he would have a hard time explaining that philosophy to the millions that have played games like World of Warcraft.



Still, he does raise a valid point.  There are many gamers including myself who are turned off by playing an MMO specifically for that reason. I love playing games, but when I'm spending over one hundred dollars a year to play a game I purchased so long ago, the model just doesn't make sense; and that is functionally what Lye seems to argue here.



Sure, it may work in the benefit of those who only play a game for a couple months, but that's not what the MMO is meant for.  Through Guild' Wars' one-time fee and pay for add-ons strategy, it will be interesting to see if other MMOs follow suit down the road.