Watch: Total_Noob shows off new 6.38 kernel exploit

pspgo-thumbTotal_Noob has found a new kernel exploit in OFW 6.38.


If your PlayStation Portable is still stuck on official firmware 6.38 and you want to be able to enjoy homebrew, coder Total_Noob has a bit of good news for you. The developer behind the TN HEN releases has reportedly found a new kernel exploit on the official PSP firmware.


Total_Noob has released the following video as proof:




Sadly enough, that video may be the only release we'll see from the conder regarding this new kernel exploit. As he explains in the video's descirption, the new exploit might not see an official release:


When I got a new PSPgo (other one was bricked, 'cause this **** Perma-Patch), I decided to spend some time to find a new Kernel Exploit. This is the result after one week. It is not going to be released, 'cause there's no ISO-Loader integrated, so you guys are probably not content with it.


Although Total_Noob might not release anything that makes use of the new exploit, its existence will hopefully lead other developers into coding a something useful with it.


Via [PSP-Hacks]