Watch This: Real-Life Mario Kart is Amazing

mariok1A group of smart people created a Mario Kart track complete with shells, bananas, boosts and more.

“Real-Life Mario Kart” is a fairly popular topic for Internet videos. We’ve seen CGI-enhanced short films, ill-advised stunts on live streets and a variety of other approaches, but this video is something special. You see, in this video, a team of ultra-nerds created a working Mario Kart course that actually has functioning power-ups.




Check it:



The basic gist is that the karts are equipped with special tech that tells them how to react to various items, and the items use RFID to communicate with that technology. So, picking up a Mushroom removes your throttle limiter, while hitting a banana forces your kart to turn hard.


It’s pretty dang cool. If only I were smart enough to do the same thing. Or motivated enough. Or…really anything enough.


[Digital Trends]