Videogame Sales Falling?

salessmallSlightly contrary to earlier reports, videogame sales are hitting a small rough patch.

Videogame consoles may be more popular this year than last year, but sales for videogames are indeed still falling. Throughout February, videogames and console sales fell 20% from last year’s sales.




February 2011 saw US retail sales at $1.33 billion, with this year reaching $1.06 billion. Videogame sales themselves saw a drop of 23%, hitting $464 million.


What’s interesting to note is that non-physical sales were at $550 million, which includes mobile games, videogame downloads and add-ons.


What’s not interesting to note, and even less surprising, are the figures for high selling games. The month’s top selling game was indeed Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Following that was Final Fantasy XIII-2.


And the highest selling console was the Xbox 360, being the best-selling console for the last seven months. 426,000 360’s were sold in February alone, according to Microsoft.


And what you’re all probably eager to know, the results for the PS Vita; the console was released in the US on the 22nd, leaving only 4 days of retail sales in the February sales report. While figures weren’t mentioned, the report says that with the Vita, videogame console sales were up 87% from January, and without out, were up only 62%.