Valve Underestimates May the 4th Sale

starwars box Due to an oversight on Valves part some customers have been left with games they can’t play after the “May the Fourth be with you” sale on Steam.

For those of you who weren’t on Steam last weekend you missed the “May the Fourth be with you” sale that featured just about every Star Wars title released on PC over the years at massively discounted prices, which one would think would be a good thing but what followed was not. Due to an oversight on Valves part many buyers of both Star Wars® Empire at War™: Gold Pack and Star Wars Battlefront® II are unable to play the games they bought.



steam fail



What’s happened is that due to the overwhelming success of the sale Valve has run out of CD Keys for these titles and left customers with games they can’t play. Valve has noted on store pages for these titles that “We are currently out of keys for this title. We've requested more from the publisher and will have those soon. Should you purchase this title, your key will be delivered as soon as we receive it.” Yet without a clear timeline for the delivery of these CD Keys some customers who have been left with unplayable games are understandably upset.


If you are one of these unfortunate customers please feel free to tell us how this has affected you and if you’ve been in contact with Steam support because of this issue please tell us what your experience has been in the comments below.


Source: Steam