Twitch Preparing for Mobile Game Streaming

twit1Want to experience Angry Birds but too lazy to play? Watch a stream!

Streaming video games to Twitch has become something of a national pastime. The site has already climbed to #4 in the world during peak usage hours, receiving more traffic than behemoths like Apple and Hulu. And with so many people watching, Twitch is looking to give them more content to enjoy.




The company announced this morning that it is currently working on development tools that will enable the live broadcasting of mobile games. Naturally these tools will be there for developers to implement – an app that streams your phone content is probably either impossible or a long way away. The Twitch Mobile SDK will include the ability to stream on-screen content in addition to capturing video from your phone’s camera, making it easy to give your viewers the full streaming experience.


No word on when exactly these tools will launch; stay tuned for details. Soon you'll be able to watch all the Flappy Bird you can stand.