Twisted Metal to make full use of its Mature rating

twisted-metal-sweet-tooth-thumbEat Sleep Play embraces Mature reating instead of toning down the action.




Fans have come to love the sometimes manic drive and shoot gameplay of the Twisted Metal franchise, and apparently the latest entry won't disappoint on that front.


During a presentation at the San Diego Comic-Con, Twisted Metal mastermind David Jaffe emphasized that the upcoming PS3 exclusive is firmly entrenched in the Mature zone. Eat Sleep Play originally wanted to make a Teen-rated game, but one particularly graphic live action sequence in Twisted Metal caused the ESRB to give it a Mature rating.


Twisted Metal's development may have started out from a not-so-creatively honest standpoint but Jaffe and his team chose to embrace the new rating rather than tone down the blood and gore. Jaffe revealed during the presentation that they are now reworking a few parts of the game to take advantage of the Mature rating.


Twisted Metal is currently set for an October 4 launch exclusively on PS3. Eat Sleep Play has confirmed that the game will not require any installs.


Via [GameSpot]