The New Geo Is Back And As Old School As Ever

neogsmForget Bruce Willis and Die-Hard.  What will never die is the Neo Geo and this is good news for fans of classic games like King of Fighters 95.


One of the pioneers of the 16 bit gaming system back in the early 90’s is back.  Tommo, the game distributor for the classic system announced that it will once more sell the Neo Geo and it will be known as the Neo Geo x Gold Entertainment System beginning on December 6th.




The market price is set for $200 and will let gamers recapture classic 16 bit gaming nostalgia. The system will come equipped with twenty pre-installed games including Fatal Fury Special, Samurai Showdown II, Metal Slug and The King Of Fighters 95.



While this news is certain to inspire their hearts of teenagers who spent countless hours in the 90’s playing it, the news of the Neo Geo revival didn't come over night. Back in January Tommo announced the resurgence of the system as a portable device to go along with a joystick and a docking station.



The original system was released in 1990 by SNK at a very pricey $650. It built a strong reputation for its arcade like graphics that separated it from its contemporaries like the Sega Genesis, Turbo Graphics 16 and the Super Nintendo. But because of its hefty price it didn't take over the market.



Would you be interested in picking up the Neo Geo X?