The Division delayed to 2016

div1Ubi-delay strikes again.

Are you ready to play Tom Clancy’s The Division? You know, the crazy open-world-MMO-shooter-tactical whatever thing that was delayed to 2015 last year? Well too bad, because it’s been delayed again! Ubisoft has confirmed that The Division will not hit shelves until at least Q4 2016.


Of course, it wasn’t via an announcement. Instead, the delay was tucked away in Ubisoft’s earnings presentation. It wasn’t even mentioned as a delay; the document indicates the game will launch in 2016 and makes no reference to previous release dates. It wasn’t until IGN contacted Ubisoft that anyone spoke up, with CEO Yves Guillemot saying, “It is never an easy decision to move a launch date.”




Yikes. Anyway, expect to see more Division hype at E3. Otherwise, you’ve got a while to wait.