The Android Welcomes Final Fantasy

fnltsmThe quintessential, role playing game is coming to the Android tablet.  The original Final Fantasy game will join Final Fantasy 3 on the Android tablet. Originally launched on Nintendo NES, Final Fantasy has been previously launched on the Windows 7 phone and on the PSP in 2007.

Available at the Google App store for $6.99, the re-editions of classic Final Fantasy games comes as a good news to many fans.


Fans can look forward to a mire graphically enhanced world and improved controls as they guide The Warriors Of Light, through a rich world of pageantry and magic, en route to restoring the crystals in all their splendor and glory, amidst enemy battles, inter personal character decisions and character castes.


I’m sure Square Enix probably never imagined the impact that the original Final Fantasy would have when it was released for Nintendo NES in 1987.  Twelve direct sequels later and countless spinoffs of sequels have cemented Final Fantasy in the hearts of role-playing fanatics.


Are any of you Final Fantasy fans or Android tablet owners going to head over to the Google App Store and drop the $6.99 to play Final Fantasy on your tablet?



The Verge