TGS 2008: LocoRoco 2 new features, gameplay demo vids

PSP - LocoRoco 2 - Image 1Patapon 2 isn't the only one getting some pre-TGS loving from Sony. Here we have some walkthrough demo videos for LocoRoco 2: from swimming blobs to Mui Mui house building.

Oh, and apparently afro hair now counts as viable material for armor. Don't mess with the 'do, maaan...

Patapon 2 isn't the only game gracing Sony's pre-TGS session. Enter LocoRoco creator Tsutomu Kouno to walk us through some of the new features in their upcoming blob-rolling sequel.

We've heard of LocoRoco 2's many new features before - from scans to screens, we've seen the locorocos flying through the air with their new bite-grip ability, seen them swimming around underwater, and even saw the mojas singing. (Disturbing, I know...)

Below are four videos showing some of the cool stuff that Kuono demoed. For one, there's the Mui Mui House where you can go all Sims-crazy. All the Mui Mui you rescue in the game end up here, and you can build some furniture or give them items to interact with.

The other gameplay vids show the afro hair creature and how you can obtain/borrow/steal his almighty hair and use it as some type of shell armor which will help your locoroco break certain obstacles. Underwater gameplay is also included. Who cares about surface tension and all that physics crap? Blobby goos can apparently swim, and that's that.

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