Surgeon Simulator is Out on iPad

surgen1Have you played the amazing Surgeon Simulator 2013? Why not?!

Surgeon Simulator 2013 has to be one of the funniest games of the last few years. Whether it’s opening a guy’s chest with a hammer or lobbing a new brain into his skull from the three-point line, Surgeon Simulator 2013 presents some challenging, fun, and completely unrealistic surgery challenges.




If you haven’t yet picked the game up, perhaps today’s your day. Surgeon Simulator is now available on the iPad, and promises to be just as maddeningly difficult and ridiculous as the original PC version. There’s also new surgery; the iPad edition of Surgeon Simulator adds a horrible eyeball surgery and equally horrible dentistry procedure. All of the surgeries are as hilarious as they are difficult; if you start taking the game seriously you'll find a pretty lofty challenge.


Oh, and there’s multiplayer? Jeez. Anyway, you can snag Surgeon Simulator for $6 from the App Store. And you totally should. Unless you hate having fun.


You don’t hate having fun, do you?