Still Don’t Know What to Get For The Holidays? Check Out These Gaming Gift Ideas.

qjgftThis Friday is of course the biggest shopping day of the year, and you know what that means: we have officially reached the holiday season!That being said, QJ would like to bring you one more round of gift goodies to check out for both the gamer (and hacker) that thrives in your heart.  Let QJ help you fill out that shopping list right now!

This Friday is of course the biggest shopping day of the year, and you know what that means: we have officially reached the holiday season!That being said, QJ would like to bring you one more round of gift goodies to check out for both the gamer (and hacker) that thrives in your heart. We've already covered the  essentials like the Wii U in our last go round, but obviously there's tons more to be found on the shelves. Let QJ help you fill out that shopping list right now!


Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 Bundle (Price $349.99)




We already know that the Wii U is bound to dominate console sales this coming holiday, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you should get one. After all, Nintendo's marketing strategy isn't exactly for everyone. Families are going to absolutely love all the great things you can do with the gamepad, but if you're a real hardcore gamer that would rather dwell in realism than the whimsical, an Xbox might be a better overall choice for you to consider.


That being said, if you'd like to jump late into the Microsoft arena, there is no time better to do so than now. Halo 4 is upon us, and some have even gone far enough as to say that this game could in fact be one of the best titles of this entire generation. You can't miss out on something that good right? That's why you should pick up this bundle! Between a stellar story filled with emotion, and more multiplayer gameplay than any human being could possibly need, you're going to spending enough time to warrant that money you spend very quickly.


Still, there is more to love in here than just Halo. You're also going to get a whopping 350GB hard drive and two controllers to use on your custom console design. If you're keeping score, Sony won't even give you two remotes in their own competing bundles. Not to mention, the whole limited edition idea just might create  some high resale value later on should you pass it to the right person. In a way it's a gift that  keeps on giving. With Halo 4 plus the massive library of 360 titles already out there, there is no way you could be bored.


If you are looking to give your computer a tune up and bring it into the next generation check out our next gift idea.


<hrdata-mce-alt="Windows 8" class="system-pagebreak" title="Windows 8" />


Windows 8 Upgrade (Price: $39.99)




While I know not all of you are going to consider yourself PC fans, Windows 8 is certainly something to at least consider over the holidays. In case  you haven't heard, this is Microsoft's latest operating system, and in a lot of ways is quite designed to bring your computer into the next generation of what the market has to offer.


However, it should be said that with that change does indeed come a somewhat steep learning curve that won't necessarily be for everyone or every system configuration. In a sense, Microsoft took a lot of its older strategies back to the drawing board for Windows 8 and put all of  its chips into developing something that will mesh well with touch screen devices. That means quite a bit of emphasis is going to be placed on apps specially designed for that kind of hardware. These apps can be purchased from the new Windows Store installed on your machine and launched from the main menu. In a sense it's a lot like what we've already seen on devices like the iPhone. With that in mind, many analysts say that Windows 8 is best considered on laptops with touch screens or at the very least a large touch pad. Even so, you can still use that trusty desktop to navigate too, and its lightweight presentation can still serve to make an old computer faster at a cheap price.


Are you a hacker?  Do you have a hacker in your life?  This next gift is a great idea for any hackers you may know.


<hrdata-mce-alt="PS3 Firmware 3.55" class="system-pagebreak" title="PS3 Firmware 3.55" />


Firmware 3.55 PS3 (Price Varies)




So far, I've looked at gift ideas that are meant for the more "traditional" consumer, but I've been a writer at QJ long enough to know that that title may not apply to each and every one of  you. That's why I'm suggesting that for the hacker in your life this just might be one of the coolest gifts you can ever possibly get. Why get a used PS3? That all resides in the ability to install custom firmware on the system should you choose to do so.


Just like when you jailbreak an iPod, custom firmware offers you a whole wealth of options to the most technologically adept individual. As it stands right now, you'll have the ability to get all of the latest official Sony features plus the ability to load any number of homebrew programs to keep your mind busy. On top of all of those great official titles, you'll also be able to enjoy additions like classic console emulators for NES, SNES, Sega Genesis and many others.

It should be said however, that as it stands right now, the penalty does remain steep for those who are caught using custom firmware. The scene at this current moment suggests that anyone who takes this route in particular stays off the PlayStation Network at all costs. Trying to access it at this time will result in both an account and console ban, which is really not great for anyone. While time will probably change things, right at this very moment you should know that all of this fun will stick to offline play only. If you can deal with that, you're going to love the PS3 scene.


Are you a collector?  Do you have a ton of content or maybe a big collection of DVD's?  Check this out.


<hrdata-mce-alt="External Storage" class="system-pagebreak" title="External Storage" />

External Storage (Price Varies)





If there's one tech gift that everybody in your house can use from your mother to your own computer obsessed self, external storage just might be it. A few years ago, I received a 2TB hard drive hard drive as a Christmas gift, and I was amazed at how practical and useful it has become. The great thing about external storage these days is you can get large amounts of it for an extremely cheap price. The linked deal above will bring you to a USB 3.0 3TB drive for just a cool $150!

With that amount of space, you never have to be conservative with your computer files again. Want to get rid of clutter on your Mac or PC but don't want to lose anything? That's easy, just pop it on your external! Should you be so inclined you'll also have the proper storage to take that entire DVD or Bluray collection and turn it into a digital media library instead. Not to mention that the more hacker tuned mind is going to need that kind of capacity for ripping their purchased game discs as well. External  hard drives are a real practical gift. If you don't have one already, getting one is highly suggested.


Are you annoying your friends and family when you are gaming at all hours of the night?  This next idea will help.


<hrdata-mce-alt="Turtle Beach Ear Force XP400" class="system-pagebreak" title="Turtle Beach Ear Force XP400" />


Turtle Beach Ear Force XP400 Price ($182.06)




Playing games can in many ways be all about the TV, but why not listen to them too? This gaming headset will offer you a full surround sound experience without having to wake up all of your buddies with loud and obnoxious bullet noises during the wee hours of the morning. Sure $182 isn't the single cheapest option out there for you, but if you have the extra cash these just might be one of the best gifts that the holidays can afford.

Quite like all headsets of the day should be by this time, the Ear Force XP400 is totally wireless and will work with both Xbox 360 and PS3. For the real sound junkies out there, this set includes EQ presets to balance chat and audio, and is currently the only headset on the market right now that supports fully wireless chatting on Xbox 360. That's right folks, it's time to ditch that old wired headset for something that's a little more pleasing to your ears. With its optical connection you're going to be getting the best sound from all of the latest codecs complete with fully adjustable angles and everything. While the price here may hurt your wallet just a little for a headset, both your ears (and your roommates) will love the opportunities that this little tech wonder will give you.

Once again, if you would like to sound off, the comments section is here for you. What gifts are you looking forward to most? Happy holidays!