Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Open Beta

The dates are announced. Check out the news on the open beta coming your way!

One of the more visually impressive games at this year's E3 was Star Wars Battlefront II, and while the trailer impressed gamers, fans and non-fans alike, we were more recently hit with the news that the game looks to indeed feature power-ups purchasable with real-world money, so this news is more for the gamers who are still interested in it after hearing that.

The open beta for the game has been dated to run from October 6th to October 9th, with pre-order access starting a couple of days earlier on the 4th.

The open beta will include:

Galactic Assault on Naboo
  • Join the Separatist droid army or the Republic Clones on the streets of Theed in massive 40 player multiplayer melees.
  • Choose from four distinct trooper classes:
    • Assault troopers are classic flankers, pushing the line forward and advancing the front.
    • Heavy troopers use their high-powered weapons and personal body shields to take ground and hold it.
    • Officers power up their teammates with buffs and deploy remote weapons to support their allies.
    • Specialists lay traps and snipe from a distance.
  • Control beloved Star Wars heroes, pilot prequel-era vehicles, and more.
Multiplayer Starfighter Assault
We’re not sharing all the details around this yet, but we can tell you that you’ll be able to take part in an epic starfighter assault set during the original trilogy era, piloting an assortment of Star Wars’ greatest ships in an objective-based, multi-stage battle. You’ll be learning much more about starfighters in Star Wars Battlefront II at Gamescom.

You can check out the post on the PlayStation Blog here. The game will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 17th.