Sony still totally working on Last Guardian

lastgNo, totally. Seriously for reals.

The Last Guardian is never going to happen. It’s just not. But Sony can’t bear to actually admit this, so it continues to drag out the process by continually insisting that the game is under development and will someday actually be a thing.


Of course, this story fell apart a little bit this week when the company somehow allowed the trademark on the game to lapse, leading many to wonder if the company line on the game matched up with the reality of the situation.




Sony quickly renewed the trademark and hopped into damage-control mode to repeat the things it has repeated oh-so-many times before:


“[We] can confirm that the Last Guardian is still in development.”


Whew. That’s a load off of everyone’s minds! We totally, 100% believe you, Sony. Of course the game that you announced in 2009 as a PS3 title is still something you’re working on. Of course it’s still in progress even after the director of the game left.