Sony as a Company Posts Huge Losses: Is PlayStation To Blame?

sosmallAccording to recent reports, Sony’s overall sales numbers have continued to drastically fall.  Sources say that the company has lost $312 million in a single quarter to augment its equally horrific stats from the past few months.


Is the PlayStation brand at all to blame for this company’s financial downturn?




Before I get to any analysis on the matter, let me first say that Sony is certainly not alone when it comes to economic woes.  Even Nintendo whose business model thrives on making immediate profit took a hit as well.  Needless to say we all know the world is in a pretty sticky situation when it comes to money, so right off the bat we can offer some solace to PlayStation fans.


Still to quote the company, they did say that some of their windfall is “primarily due to the lowering of the annual unit sales forecast for portable hardware.”  I’m sure we can all take a guess at what piece of hardware could be referenced in those words. As a Sony fan myself I hate to see the company having trouble. If you love the games, be sure to buy them guys! Long live Sony!