Small Link And Zelda Figures

zldsmallThe art book catch your fancy? Check out these.




Takara Tomy are releasing six figurines from the now 25 year old franchise, featuring figures in pairs, each pair from either Ocarina Of Time, Phantom Hourglass or Skyward Sword.



The whole set is being sold by Hobby Fan at a not so unreasonable $34.99. Standing at 14 cm tall, the figures sure would look nice on an office desk or along your TV. The Ocarina Of Time figures are Child Link and Zelda, Phantom Hourglass are Link and Tetra and Skyward Sword pieces are Link and Zelda. So three Link’s, two Zelda’s and a Tetra, all well painted, small and relatively cheap (for videogame merch).

If you pick these up, they’d sure go well with the recently released art book for a nice packaged gift for someone. Nintendo sure are giving Zelda fans what they want this year!


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