Shigeru Miyamoto On Making Super Mario

Miyamoto gives a little talk on how he approaches designing a new Super Mario game.

Opening up on the development of Super Mario Odyssey, Shigeru Miyamoto explained the process of designing videogames in a recent interview:

"There’s only a certain amount of things that you can create on your own. It’s important to get young minds in, too. I think it becomes more fun if young minds are involved." Miyamoto, said.

When talking specifically about Super Mario, he discussed the line that's never crossed with Mario and his abilities. “You can do whatever you want up to this line, but don’t go past this point. That’s what I don’t want to change. When it’s internal teams, they really understand it, although they try to push that line a little bit further. But when it’s an external partner, I make sure that line is very clear.” he said.

So when working with both types of teams, overall, he's found that he has “times where I’m actually strangely open and it’s the team that’s worrying too much. But then other times, I’m really strict in certain other points.”

Super Mario Odyssey is due for release on October the 17th for the Nintendo Switch, and can be pre-ordered here.