Sam Raimi No Longer Tied to World of Warcraft Movie

samr1Raimi is citing “scheduling conflicts,” but more likely is attempting to avoid a career-smashing failure. Thoughts?



Did you know that Blizzard is attempting to make a World of Warcraft movie? Because it is, although most analysts would agree they’re about five years late to the party. Anyway, the World of Warcraft movie has been in one level of development or another for what seems like forever, with Spider-Man director Sam Raimi onboard to direct.



Until now, it seems. According to Raimi, he’s had to walk away from the project in order to take a different job directing Oz: The Great and Powerful. Raimi did say that Blizz moved on to another director because the company “had to start making [the movie],” so at least that means something is actually getting done. Maybe.

What are your thoughts on a World of Warcraft movie? Will the project be hurt by losing Sam Raimi?