Review: Z-Run

zrun masterartEver wonder if you have what it takes to out run a hoard of zombies? Well Beatshapers is putting you to the test with Z-Run.

It’s been a couple weeks now since I’ve sat down with Beatshapers latest release Z-Run on the PlayStation Vita and after logging what feels like an almost excessive amount time playing through this runaway zombie game, here’s what I thought of it.



First let me explain the concept of the game. There are zombies… run. Ok, now you’re up to speed. Z-run is extremely simple minded in its writing and bases itself in an equally simple gameplay.   As you make your way across the zombie infested city you will need to jump, slide, and generally avoid obstacles and the walking dead. It’s not all just a zombie themed version of bit.trip runner.   You can also fight your way through the hoard either by kicking them or with a variety of weapons including baseball bats, swords, and guns. All of these various actions take away from your stamina and if emptied will leave you vulnerable to the zombie menace. Luckily, by completing levels and earning points, you can gain levels and improve your characters stamina, durability, and a hand full of other options.


 zrun screen001


Graphically it’s on par with what we can expect from developers without the time or resources to fully polish a game before release. That said I do think that the guys over at Beatshaper did a reasonable job, but with the size of the levels and there design along with the limited number of zombie skins, more time could have been spent making it look a little better and less like a mobile port.


 zrun screen002


Feature wise Z-Run has little to offer. Gameplay is broken down to a campaign and survival mode and the only real feature either contain is a high score leader board. This just feels strange given the generally simple gameplay and low end graphics, a simple character creation option would have been nice or maybe some kind of daily challenge or something to give players a reason to spend enough time to get any kind of good at Z-Run.


zrun review


What it all comes down to is that Beatshapers PlayStation Vita exclusive Z-Run is simply a mobile game that somehow skipped the mobile market and made it directly to the PlayStation Vita, kind of like a fish that would normally be cooked before ending up on your plate has instead come straight from river 'uncooked' into your mouth... and has just given you food poisoning. While it is entertaining for those moments where you’re waiting for the bus or at the dentist’s office, it really seems like it would be better suited on the iPhone or an Android for a couple bucks not on the Vita for $8.99.