Review: Borderlands 2 Hours of Fun or a Shot to the Head

br2 boxHas Iron Galaxy Studios hard work paid off?  Is Borderlands 2 on the Vita a good thing? Keep reading to find out.

Last week Borderlands 2 made its way to retail stores and the PSN for the PlayStation Vita thanks to the hard work of Iron Galaxy Studios who worked tirelessly on this port of Gearbox's hit title that was originally released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Mac , and PC in 2012. This time around players will be greeted by endless hours of gameplay across a huge map full of enemies and things to explore as the vault hunters take the fight to Hyperion and Handsome Jack in an effort to save the world. Players will also have access to all of the additional DLC from its original release including all six class types (Soldier, Gunzerker, Siren, Assassin, Mechromancer, and Phyco) each with their own special ability's and upgradeable skills.



Iron Galaxy has done a marvelous job with this port and everything just feels right. The sound, the iconic graphics, the controls, everything is exactly what it should be in a port of highly successful multiplatform title... damn near identical to the original. Now there are some things that didn't quite come across in the port as I would have hoped, one being that the Borderlands co-op gameplay has been cut from 4 players to 2. The second is that the controls although very responsive can pose a problem due to use of the Vita's rear touch panel and the ergonomics of the Vita itself, this is more of a short coming of the platform than the software but and annoyance none the less.




Besides these small issues and some initial bugs that ranged from game crash's to issues with the games cross save functionality with the PlayStation 3 version most of which where fixed at or shortly after release, Borderlands 2 has been an exemplary release for this often overlooked platform. This is easily a must play for any Vita owner and the availability of a Vita and Borderlands 2 bundle may be enough to sway those who are still on the fence about picking themselves up a Vita.


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