Rare Legend of Zelda Prototype Spotted on Ebay

zelsmAs a loyal member of the QJ family, I know that many of us are all a fan of classic gaming.  From the countless homebrew emulators on our very site, it would be hard to argue otherwise.  For all of you collectors out there, this piece of news just might pique your interest.


According to Joystiq, it appears that there is a prototype copy of the original Legend of Zelda up for sale on Ebay for a mere $150,000.  Yup, $150,000 for the Legend of Zelda prototype.  It is believed to be a complete version of the classic game.  This is sure to throw many Legend of Zelda fans and NES collectors for a total loop.



Quite different from the released version’s trademark gold cartridge, this Legend of Zelda prototype sports a greenish colored game with a scotched taped label.  As a collector myself, I sort of question the validity of this gaming artifact, but there must be enough evidence in place for the price to reach such a high selling point.  If for some reason you have the spare couple hundred grand to drop on a bid for this supposed gem, stop by the auction site. Happy bidding to you all.