QJ’s Complete Sony Gamescom Recap

PS4Controller iconAs I'm sure you already know, Sony held its annual gamescom address yesterday. The information revealed during the short presentation was both numerous and generation altering. Some of the news has already been reported, but this digest will recap all of it (and more) in one place!










As I'm sure you already know, Sony held its annual gamescom address yesterday. The information revealed during the short presentation was both numerous and generation altering. Some of the news has already been reported, but this digest will recap all of it (and more) in one place!



PS3: The Old Hardware Still Has Life



When new consoles arrive, we all wonder how long a shelf life our older hardware will have in the face of newer and bigger experiences. Now more than  ever, it appears that Sony is truly committed towards making the PS3 the default gateway PS device for consumers. As we previously reported, the hardware will now come in $200 12GB iterations, and it was also mentioned alongside such strong exclusives as Beyond: Two Souls and Last of Us. Should you be more interested in the upcoming GTA V, you can indulge in a Sony store exclusive promotion that grants you 75% off another Rockstar title with each purchase of the new game. There is even a console bundle in the works too.



PS3 superslim



So what about new games? For the most part, gamescom attendees were introduced to two major ones. Gran Turismo 6's release date was announced as December 6th of this year. There was also a brand new trailer for a project called LittleBigPlanet Hub. By the clip, it looks to bring many of the LBP staples to the still-emerging free-to-play market.



That's just the tip of the PS3 iceberg! Wait till you see the long list of cross-platform indie titles Sony has in store for supporters!












Indies are the Backbone of the PS Ecosystem



We've already heard how much Sony values its community of indie developers. If gamescom 2013 is any indication, it appears that they have responded just as passionately by vowing to release tons of content on the entire PS ecosystem. That's right my friends, PS3, PS4, and PS Vita have seemingly limitless immersive indie experiences to look forward to! From this point of view, one could say that the SCE hopes such involvement will keep their older hardware relevant long after triple A teams have abandoned it.






The list of cross-platform titles is quite expansive, so I apologize if I happen to miss anything. No trailers were shown, but names were dropped for the likes of Hotline Miami 2, Final Horizon, Fez, Rogue Legacy, Samurai Gunn, Switch Galaxy Ultra, The Binding of Isaac, Rebirth, Volume, and Wasteland Kings. Oh, and I almost forgot: that little craze called Minecraft is no longer an Xbox console exclusive. It will be launching on all three PS systems alongside the PS4 this holiday season. If you want some more info on any of these titles, feel free to check out this official blog post. While gamers might still be picking a side in the great console wars, it looks like the indie crowd has already chosen their victor.



On top of indies, Vita also got a proper showcase as well. I'll cover that segment with a click of your mouse!











PS Vita: New Price, New Games 



The PS3 and PS4 are obvious cornerstones for Sony's success, but they didn't forget about the handheld space either. At this point in its life cycle, the PS Vita has been starving for solid content. That indie list on the previous page certainly helps that cause quite a bit, but what about some exclusives? For that part of their thesis, Sony chose to show off trailers for a free-to-play music festival simulation called BigFest, and a Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired adventure game called Murasaki Baby.



Murasaki Baby2



On top of weak content, Vita also had pricing issues to contend with. You'll be glad to know that the system has officially received a price cut and now sits at just $199 USD. Not only that, but memory cards are also said to be getting a tag slash in the near future as well. Essentially, the company offered up tons of new experiences at less cost to consumers. Considering you can also throw in full remote play compatibility with PS4 games, many would consider this to be quite the tantalizing idea.



Speaking of PS4, we also got our first true glimpse of the system's user interface. I've got video evidence on the next page!











A Look at the PS4 Interface



It's true that Sony has already shown bits of the PS4 operating system. However, that clip purposefully used lots of quick cuts and artful editing. What we all wanted to know is how the system will actually function once it enters our living rooms. We won't know that for sure till around Christmas time, but SCE CEO Shuhei Yoshida did offer us a pretty solid glimpse. From what I can see, the menus look to be a cross between the PS3 and Vita interfaces. How does that work? Quite well, it appears.





In the clip above, you'll see Yoshida, log in to his user account and begin browsing his installed game thumbnails. From there, he advances into a very XMB-inspired submenu and looks to see some of the online matches his friends are playing in. After watching a live video of multiplayer Killzone: Shadow Fall, he is able to click and hop into the match in a matter of seconds. After some shooting, he ends the demo by uploading a quick screenshot to his social media account. It sounds like a lot for one system to handle, but the PS4 seems to take on these numerous tasks with no hitches or fuss at all. Such swift game switches will most likely rely on the use of digital downloads, but you'll still be able to play as many physical discs as you want.



I'm sure most of you gathered here to see more info on the PS4's launch date. Not to fear! That info is on the final page!












The Official PS4 Launch Plans



Prior to their gamescom address, Sony outed that they would be going into more detail on their PS4 launch plans during the presentation. We all assumed that a US and European launch date would be on the way, and luckily the company did not disappoint. Before I get to that though, let's discuss the massive list of new exclusives PS4 has coming its way. In a matter of minutes,we saw announcement trailers for Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Rime, Hell Divers, Resogun, and a reboot of Shadow of the Beast.  In addition to that, a free-to-play MMO based on World War II called War Thunder was also brought to light. As far as your Triple A efforts are concerned, we got trailer updates on Watch_Dogs and inFAMOUS: Second Son.






Now for the day one festivities. Similar to Microsoft, Sony is allowing gamers to upgrade to PS4 versions of popular PS3 games for a small fee of $10. Surefire hits like Call of Duty: Ghosts and Assassin's Creed IV were mentioned, but supposedly more impacted franchises will be released in the coming months. Every new console will also come with a two-week trail of PS Plus. In an exclusive European deal, anyone that signs up to a year subscription of Plus prior to PS4's launch will get an additional ninety days free. Oh, I almost forgot: PS4 will be launching in the US on November 15th and Europe on November 29th. Get your credit cards ready shoppers. There are promises of a bloody war at the cash registers this Christmas!



That's all of the major headline news you need to know! What did you think of Sony's presentation? Let me know in the comments section!