PSP Is Back, Whiter, Cheaper And Less WiFi-ey

pspsmallYou need to be careful with your reiterations in the videogame world, and this one looks like a wallet-friendly no brainer.

We’ve seen various colours and iterations of the PSP hit shelves before, including a white one, but here we have another white PSP coming our way; Ice White.


What makes this different from the previous white PSP is that it’s not just a colour difference; it’s the budget PSP, the European-exclusive PSP-E1000 model that was first announced last December, which has a mono speaker, no remote port, no video out, and most surprisingly no Wi-Fi.



Yeah, that last one sure does seem a bit blasphemous in today’s world of always-connected devices. But hey, for $99, it’s a great investment into a little time sync if you’re not into handhelds quite enough to invest a few hundred into one today.


It’s interesting that Sony are continuing to release more iterations of the PSP after the Vita’s launch, perhaps a budget PSP would have been a better idea a few years ago.


Will you be possibly picking this up?