PSP Homebrew Scene and PS3 Tools Come Alive on QJ Download Roundup!

DownloadsWhile we know that QJ is probably  one of the best places on the whole internet to get your gaming news from around the industry, this fine website also has a downloads section that is well worth checking out. In this weekly column, we'll be taking a quick look at some of the games and apps that I think we should be paying some attention to. Looking for some new PSP homebrew or PS3 tools? This is the place!










While we know that QJ is probably  one of the best places on the whole internet to get your gaming news from around the industry, this fine website also has a downloads section that is well worth checking out. In this weekly column, we'll be taking a quick look at some of the games and apps that I think we should be paying some attention to. Looking for some new PSP homebrew or PS3 tools? This is the place!



Polygon Hockey v1.00 - PSP / Vita



I've said this many times before, but the world of homebrew can sometimes be a very simple yet addicting sort of place. Obviously since all of these home-spun coders don't have the advanced SDKs that full-time developers do, we often wind up with scene products that have a very simple but elegant look to them. Polygon Hockey is of course no exception to that rule. As you can imagine by looking at the image below, this game is a simple re-creation of classic arcade air hockey for your portable. In that regard, the goal of the game is to make sure the polygon puck does not get past your controlled goalie.








In true arcade fashion, the neon interface of this game works quite well to establish a good atmosphere. However, with three different levels of well-crafted AI there is at least a little bit of depth to this initial release as well. Conceptually, this one isn't going to give you a whole lot of "wow" experiences considering you've probably played many flash games like it on the net, but this is still a worthy addition to the steadily thriving PSP community.



Want some homebrew with a little more nuance? FouadtjuhMaster Has just what you need on the next page!










Sonymon v0.4 - PSP / Vita



Nintendo is famous for creating some pretty timeless franchises. However, in most recent years, Pokemon has probably become one of the strongest that the company has to offer. With its unique gameplay strategy and turn-based battles, there really is no other game like it. At the time, the first games were a stunning feat for the Gameboy because they had given us a portable experience with not only an expansive world, but also a graphical style and mechanic that was able to perform well under the era's technological restrictions.








In a similar vein, PSP scene veteran FouadtjuhMaster is back once again to share with us his own Pokemon clone called Sonymon. With this recent build's updated sprites and new graphical interface, it's clear that this developer is well on his way to formulating his own unique take on a familiar idea. At the start of the game, you will be asked to enter your name as well as to pick a "Sonymon" you would like to start with. All of the designs might look similar to creatures you've seen before in the Pokemon series, but that's all part of the charm of this ambitious project. As you progress through the main map, you will have the chance to battle other trainers as players of the source titles could probably guess. Since this is an early version, there are some bugs to be expected, but if development can continue, this is a solid look at something that could truly be amazing in short time.



Switching gears to PS3, everybody's favorite backup manager has received an update. Find out what deank has been up to with a click of the mouse!











multiMAN v4.40.00 - PS3



If you're just starting to take a look at the PS3 community, multiMAN is definitely a piece of software that you should be quite concerned about. Unlike the PSP that can launch any old game straight from a custom firmware XMB, multiMAN is what hackers on Sony home consoles have chosen to use to get their backups running. Essentially it is an interface that the user can boot that allows you to configure and run all kinds of backups that the PS3 is capable of utilizing. Whether you're talking PSP, PS2, or PS3 titles, more often than not, this is the program you'll be passing them through once they are on your hard drive.








Because the scene has been on such a roll these days, there hasn't been that much of a need for multiMAN to update. However, in spite of that, deank has returned with a brand new version. In this nicely round-numbered build, you'll now have support for the few 4.41 custom firmwares that are out there from folks like SGK and Rebug. According to the changelog (which you can see in full at the link above) more or less all your favorite features work just as they did before. The only difference is that now they will operate in that slightly changed CFW environment. If you tried running an earlier build on 4.41 in the past, the only thing you will need to do is re-enable the BD-ROM emulator and reboot. Other than that, all of the best plugins and functions should be operating at full tilt!



Continuing on with talk of PS3 tools, this one on the next page will help get your save files working no matter what region they are from!











PS3 Save Resigner v2.0.5 - PS3



No matter how you slice it, sometimes starting a game over from scratch can be a total pain. After all, if you've already spent hours and hours toiling away at that lengthy RPG, you shouldn't be punished just because you happened to lose track of the save file. To fix your problem, there are of course several different websites you could visit to find the right save. However the main issue is that it may not be in the region of the system you currently own. With the help of this tool, you can resign whatever save you like to operate on your console no matter what part of the world you are living in.








With a little help from Aldo's games.conf, this tool works pretty well on retail model systems. In terms of the changes, KG has added a new "Mini Mode" which allows you to minimize the program down to a single system tray icon. Just  right click to open it back up to full and you will be in business once again. Per usual, it should also auto-detect your USB device as soon as you plug it in as well. With help from a product like this one, hopefully you won't ever be left out in the rain if you lose your saves! As usual, a complete rundown can be found at the link above, but this is a pretty solid program that lots of folks might be grateful to have.



So what was the top downloaded file this week? You'll have to check out this portable homebrew from camxpspx123 that's on the final page to find out!











Camxpspx123's Multicraft Mod vid4 - PSP / Vita



As someone that's been handling the majority of the developments for this scene project, I'm proud to see it sitting at number one this week. Inspired by the creative sandbox game Minecraft, this clone is just one of the many options that can offer a similar experience on a Sony portable. If you may recall, there was once an outfit called Team Drakon that had created MultiCraft for PSP, but it has been quite some time since we've seen an official update. As such, Camxpspx123 and his friends have taken it upon themselves to make a few massive improvements of their own to the already-established formula.








Probably the biggest feature added so far has to be the save function that allows the user to recover the structures they have created even after turning their system off. Since Minecraft by nature heavily hinges on this idea of working tirelessly to construct some amazing buildings, just adding that feature makes the experience a whole lot more genuine. Version id4 in particular also includes random spawning mobs as well, which means you can now populate your world with various animated creatures including cows, creepers, birds, chickens, and even zombies. It may not have the deepest inventory of all time in terms of the blocks you may build with, but at the very least, many of the core functions are perfectly represented in this revision.



That's all I have for this week, but don't forget to check out dl.qj for even more great downloads. At any rate, I'll be back soon to shower you once again with some of the scene's best developments!