PS3 3.60 OS_CORE Files Dumped

coresmAfter the recebet PS3 3.60 firmware key leak the PS3 scene has been completely abuzz with tons of new activity.





Thankfully now users who have yet to try out some PS3 homebrew may have something to cheer about as well.


The  decryption from the other day meant a lot of things for users of a CFW PS3. Firstly, it meant that from now on, all PS3 hacked users would have access to a whole mess of new PS3 games, and second it gave those lucky few a lot more of an excuse to spend time in front of their television screens. In all of this hustle and bustle, sometimes we forget about those unfortunate souls who have yet to experience PS3 homebrew. Thankfully, I can give you guys something to excite you as well.  According to reports, it appears that the firmware CORE_OS files have been dumped for our hacking pleasure.  Now for those of you who may not be so technologically inclined, this means that with this data any experienced coder can take a peek inside Sony's OS at a whole new level. What does that ability to access more files mean to you?

It means that skilled hackers will now have a better shot at reverse-engineering the PS3 firmware to possibly open it up to all of the benefits that 3.5 users have been talking about for a while.  While nothing is certain, for right now if you are on PS3 firmware 3.6 be sure that you stay there until further notice if you hope to enjoy some hacking and PS3 homebrew.  Good luck to all those involved and hopefully some more good news will be reported to you shortly.