PoV: These Five Sony Success Stories Performed Beyond Expectation

PSOne iconWe're about two weeks away from the public arrival of PlayStation 4. As we look toward Sony's promising future, let's take some time to consider the success stories that have established the brand's current legacy. PS fanboys gather round, because this one is for you!










We're about two weeks away from the public arrival of PlayStation 4. As we look toward Sony's promising future, let's take some time to consider the success stories that have established the brand's current legacy. PS fanboys gather round, because this one is for you!



The PSOne: The One That Changed It All



Back in the early nineties, Sony was just a lowly electronics manufacturer that had very little to do with the gaming industry. They had tried selling a few disc drive add-ons to companies like Nintendo, but their efforts never actually paid off. However, as the old adage goes, if you want something done right, sometimes you just have to do it yourself. That's exactly what happened when PlayStation was first revealed back in 1994.



PSOne hardware



Not only was the original PlayStation a great piece of hardware, but you could also say it changed the scope of the entire industry. Most obviously, it was one of the very first gaming consoles to ascribe to a CD-ROM format alongside the Sega Saturn. Where it truly shined however, was in its target audience. For the first time, Sony recognized that adults can and would like to play video games. They focused their energy on the mature eighteen to twenty-four market with advertising, while Nintendo basked in its seemingly never-ending supply of children's play toys. Since then, the industry has never been the same. In a sense, it was PlayStation that gave rise to what we now call the core gamer; and this would lead the system to become the newest competitor and top dog of its first generation.



What on earth could follow up a system like that? How about its successor that launched in 2000? It's PS2 time my friends!











PS2: All Hail to the King



When you've had so much success with one product, sometimes a repeat performance can be a tough thing to muster. With PlayStation  2, not only was Sony able to do that, but they were also able to far exceed the wealth of the previous platform. In terms of sales, PS2 pushed over 150 million units over the course of its lifetime, and was the fastest game console to reach the 100 million unit milestone. For a more modern point of reference, the wildly popular Nintendo Wii just passed that barrier in September. For all intents and purposes, the PS2 is often called the greatest console of all time.






What lead to the system's dominance is still something of an enigma. It was the first console to the market during its generation, but this made the hardware both difficult to develop for, and underpowered when stacked up against the competing GameCube and Xbox. At some point however, it seemed like comparing specs became useless. Word of mouth had spread, and almost everyone had bought into the PlayStation universe. This massive install base lead to an onslaught of incredible exclusives including Grand Theft Auto, Kingdom Hearts and a never ending list of others. We may never have a one console future, but the PS2 era was the closest we've come to one.



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PlayStation Plus: Bringing Xbox Live Gold to Its Knees



In June of 2010, Sony launched a PSN incentive program called PlayStation Plus. In its initial incarnation, interested players could pay a yearly fee of about fifty USD to receive a variety of benefits. Included among these would be automatic firmware update installs, and cloud based storage for your savegames. It sounded nice, but why pay for something that doesn't exactly equal what it puts forth in cost? This notion changed rapidly when the Instant Game Collection was announced during E3 2012. It meant that all PS Plus subscribers could download a library of free games whenever they wanted. Not to mention that each month new content would be added to the list.



PS Pluslogo



After that new initiative, subscriptions doubled and they look to be increasing daily. In fact, Plus has done so well that Microsoft has also begun offering free monthly games to its Xbox Live Gold members. You know you've done something right when the competition is bold enough to copy your strategy. What's more is, the service looks to become even more profitable for the company down the line. Considering it's required for the majority of PS4's online features, analysts project that Plus payments will net Sony over a billion dollars within the next five years. While its game collection constantly grows, PS Plus looks to be a dark horse win for Sony and gamers alike.



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Naughty Dog: A Long Partnership Leads to Immense Success




Naughty Dog began its legacy as a small game development studio back in 1989. While it did well enough to secure a partnership with Universal Studios, its first major hit didn't arrive until 1996's PlayStation exclusive Crash Bandicoot. Despite the fact that It was one of the very first 3D-platformers ever made, the title was able to perfect a model that would lead to a series of equally incredible sequels. Sony was so impressed with Naughty Dog's work on the franchise that they bought the entire studio back in 2001. Since then, this partnership has been an exclusive match made in heaven.



Naughty Dog



On every single iteration of PS hardware, Naughty Dog has made some of the best games of their respective generation. For PS2, focus revolved around Jak and Daxter. Still, the smart characters and level design in those games would pale in comparison to the greatness that lay ahead. The Uncharted series on PS3 has put this talented group at the very top of the industry hierarchy. So much so that recent massive hits like Last Of Us serve to confirm and surpass all of their previous work. The PlayStation brand may be starving for a franchise with the mass appeal of Halo, but Naughty Dog is on the cusp of breaking down that barrier. In terms of constant quality releases, you simply can't find a better developer than Sony's Naughty Dog. Needless to say, it was a very well planned investment.



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The Perfect PS4 Hype Tour



When it comes to getting consumers pumped for their next-gen console, Sony has done a nearly perfect job of promoting PS4. Right from the get go, Sony had a clear message with an obvious focus that spoke to the requests of their audience. Early adopters of upcoming hardware were interested in the purchase of a machine designed around gaming. In that regard, this intelligent hardware maker was going to give them exactly what they wanted. Instead of losing focus in an onslaught of media uses like Microsoft has done with its Xbox One, PS4 has always had a simple purpose that ties back to the very foundational beliefs of their company.



Jack Trenton



Then came the debacle that was E3 2013. Once buyers learned that Xbox One would require an internet connection to operate, all hell broke loose. That is, until Sony's Jack Tretton outed that their system would be free of such unnecessary hitches. As chants of approval filled the auditorium, it was clear that the PlayStation of old was finally back on track. Through Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show, anticipation for the hardware has only increased. This is evident by the fact that over one million PS4s have already been preordered. As for Xbox One, Microsoft has yet to release their numbers on that front. What I can tell you however, is that you can still reserve One at a few retail locations. Right now, Sony is looking better than ever. Only time will tell how long this winning streak can last.



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