Pokémon X and Y Have Sold Quite Well, Thank You

pokemonxy1Big surprise: Pokémon games move units.

If you’ve ever doubted Nintendo’s financial future, perhaps the new numbers on Pokémon X and Y can serve as an example of just how much demand there is for the company’s titles. According to a new announcement from Nintendo, Pokémon X and Y have collectively sold over 12 million copies since launching late last year.




This means two things: One, people still like Nintendo’s games, even if they’re having trouble understanding the Wii U. And two, Pokémon X and Y is the fastest-selling Pokémon release in history. Oh, and it’s also the fastest-selling 3DS game, in case you forgot that tidbit. For reference, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl moved 17 million units over its lifetime, while Ruby and Sapphire moved 16 million. X and Y are on a steady path toward passing both.


And here’s another interesting little bit of sales data: In the last week of March, the 3DS outsold the Xbox One.


Not too shabby there, Nintendo. If only the Wii U weren’t sixth on the charts.