Pokemon Charity trying to catch’em all

pokemonyellowAn awesome group of Welsh students are trying to complete the impossible...but only if you don't have the time to hang with Pikachu.


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Pokemon has all been apart of our lives whether we've wanted to or not. From the catchy theme to the amazing series of games that have dominated some people's lives.  Now it looks like people are using the game for good and for a charity called Full Restore. The charity will play Pokemon for 96 hours to raise money for the British Cross. The group took cues from the Desert Bus charity and played Pokemon for four days straight for Pokemon4Japan to raise money for the Japanese relief efforts. Now, they're back and ready to catch em all.


With less than 12 hours left, the group is once again suffering through the 96 hours of Pokinsanity all to raise funds for the British Red Cross. They have already a set group of rules which include that they're not allowed to Reset or Reload, even if they kill a legendary or destroy something early in the game, they'll have to continue through the world of Pokemon till the 96 hours are up. They're also only playing First, Second or Third generation of the classic handheld games, which means only certain Pokemon will turn up. The way they are raising money is if people request a certain Pokemon for the right money, they'll catch it...this includes Mew.


Donate right here at FullRestore and see if they can catch'em all.