PKGView v1.3 Windows App Released

pkgview1.0ifcaro is here, pumping updates to his PKGView application for Windows. PKGView allows you to extract the contents of .pkg files of the PS3, PSP, Vita as well as those for the PSX. For those who are running homebrew on any of these devices, this tool may prove useful to you. Game patching, modding or whatever the case may be, PKGView can help you get the job done.




The new update brings support for the extraction of files from PSP and PSX packages. For Windows 7 users, you can now track the progress of PKGView while multitasking, with the new progress bar.

If you haven't already grabbed the latest version and changelog to date, you can do so below.

Download: PKGView v1.3

Source: ifcaro's blog




version 1.2

FIX: I kept failing to extract large files.
FIX: Problems in interpreting the structure.
FIX: Other problems in the extraction.
Extraction window more descriptive.
Optimized extraction retail pkg.
Now create a log extraction.

version 1.1

FIX: Failed to extract large files

version 1.0

FIX: PARAM.SFO not appear.
FIX: Empty folders not appear.
Added support for retail pkg (thanks to the implementation of Mathieulh).
Now accepts pkg passed as parameter.
Added support to drag the application pkg.
Added option to extract the source folder
Added extension association. Pkg
Added option Extract here in the context menu of Windows.


FIX: Duplicate Folders and files out
FIX: Check if the pkg is debug
Extraction added folders
Improved extraction algorithm


first version