Obsidian Lays Off Staff, Shelves Next-Gen Xbox Title

obsidian-entertainmentWell, that sucks. But development on the South Park game will continue!




A source "familiar with the project" says that an Obsidian next-gen Xbox project codenamed "North Carolina" has been shelved and 30 staff members have been laid off. While development of the South Park RPG was affected by the short staffing, it will continue.


Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart delivered the emotional message to his staff yesterday.


Obsidian designer Chris Avellone revealed that while Fallout: New Vegas was a success for the developer, they didn't really see a financial pay-off at the back end. He tweeted, "FNV was a straight payment, no royalties, only a bonus if we got 85+ on Metacritic, which we didn't."


Right now, New Vegas's Metacritic rating stands at 84. Oof. 


Sounds like Obsidian got a raw deal and probably won't be making that sort of deal ever again. What do you guys think? Did you enjoy New Vegas? Should Obsidian be judged purely on a Metacritic score?


[Via Kotaku]