Nintendo Stops Earthbound Book

earthbound1The guy who wrote Earthbound's English dialogue wanted to write a book. Too bad Nintendo said no.

Earthbound is something of a dark classic in the world of video games. It is a satire of RPGs in RPG form, and the people who love it tend to rate it as one of the best games ever made. Marcus Lindblom, the guy who's responsible for all of Earthbound's English text, hung out with the Destructoid crew and divulged some really interesting things about the game.




First, he's apparently not satisfied with the work he did on Earthbound. In fact, he'd love to have a chance to re-write it (unlikely, of course). Additionally, Lindblom had planned to write a book about working on Earthbound, but Nintendo asked him not to move forward with the project. A definite heartbreaker for those people who count Earthbound as a classic.


The full chat is definitely worth a listen – Lindblom has worked on franchises like Halo, Destroy All Humans, Earthbound, and more. Check it out here: