Nintendo NX; The Details

Nintendo's next console; we bring details on hardware and date!

Nintendo fans may now have a timeout to get very excited, as development kits for their next home (portable?) console, dubbed the 'Nintendo NX', are reportedly being sent out to developers for developing games for the system, and quite some revealing information has already made its way out.

Of course the developers who receive the kits have to keep quiet about anything Nintendo tells them to be about the console, including software, hardware specs and appearance, but reports from the Wall Street Journal already state that Ninty have decided to put 'industry leading chips' in the console in response to criticisms that the Wii U's hardware was behind its competitors; Shigeru Miyamoto conceded to such claims when responding to the question of why he thought the Wii U failed to take off, saying that he felt that the console was 'late'.

Current reports about the NX are still pretty revealing, with multiple sources claiming that the device will be composed of at least two units, with one being the Nintendo NX home console itself and the other being a portable device, presumably the NX's controller, with its own screen; like the Wii U, but there's suggestions that the handheld device will also be playable on the go and away from the console.

So apart from the tech allegedly rivalling the PS4/Xbox One (which, to be fair, is expected, especially as its in response to their last console being technologically 'late') and the controller being an independent device, what else have we learned?

Well, the last titbit of information is arguably the one you want to know most; when is it coming out?

It would seem optimistic to expect any release date this early, but sure enough we still managed to somehow get a ballpark release window of 2016 according to the Wall Street Journal, which is a nice surprise.

The first game to be announced for the platform was by Square Enix, who this summer confirmed that Dragon Quest XI will be coming to the NX alongside the 3DS and PS4.

Stay tuned, as I'm sure there will be many announcements and details about this in the coming weeks.

The Wall Street Journal article can be read here.