Nintendo Merging Handheld and Console Divisions

nintendo icon Why would Nintendo feel the need to merge both of its platform divisions?

For the first time since 2002 Nintendo is doing some major restructuring.  It looks like Nintendo is looking to merge both their handheld and console divisions this February in order to hone their efforts in creating next gen systems. The new division will be housed in a new $340 million facility near Nintendo headquarters in Kyoto Japan.  It will staff 150 personnel from the former handheld division and 130 personnel from the former console division.



 nintendo office



As to why do this now we can only speculate why Nintendo would feel it necessary for such a major change to its structuring.  We can guess that it may have something to do with a possible change in leadership as Shigeru Miyamoto would leave the company after it was “structured” to operate without him. We can also guess that it may be related to the rising use of tablets and smartphones as gaming devices that have been taking a notable bite out of the handheld market. Again these are only speculations, why not tell us what you think the reasons for this merger in the comments below.