Nintendo Announces Season Pass for New Mario Golf

MAGOL1DLC? In a Nintendo game!? What has become of the world.

If you’re one of the many Nintendo 3DS owners eagerly awaiting the release of Mario Gold: World Tour, we’ve got some news you may see as good or bad depending on how much you enjoy paying for DLC. Yesterday, Nintendo announced that World Tour would feature 108 downloadable holes, all of which are available with a $15 season pass purchase.




According to the announcement, the Mushroom, Flower, and Star courses (each containing two 18-hole courses) will also include one bonus character each; Toadette with the Mushroom, Nabbit with the Flower, and Rosaline with the Star. Each course pack is available individually for $6 or you can snag all three at once for the $15 mentioned above. Buy all three and you’ll also be rewarded with the Gold Mario character.


It’s worth noting that Mario Golf: World Tour isn’t priced as a full 3DS game, instead landing at $29.99. That means picking up the DLC season pass pretty much puts the game on par with a full-price 3DS game, which should lessen the burn for Nintendo fans caught off-guard that the company would start aping controversial industry practices.


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