New Races come to Final Guild Wars 2 Beta

asura1Want to play as a tiny Asura or weird tree-person? Jump into the final beta weekend event for NCsoft’s upcoming MMO.



Guild Wars 2 is almost here, everyone. There’s just one more big beta weekend planned for this month, and after that it’s full steam ahead toward retail launch. Hype over the game has reached what most would consider epic proportions, with each previous beta weekend ending in rave reviews and glowing write-ups from the gaming community.



In this month’s beta event, planned for July 20-22, players will for the first time be able to play as either a Sylvari or Asura character. The Sylvari come from the woods and resemble forest nymphs, and the Asura are tiny, huge-eared, gnome-like critters that focus on spells and tech. In other words, your basic MMO tropes.

If you want to try out the new classes, you’ll have to either participate in the beta later this month or wait until the game hits shelves August 28.

Are you excited about Guild Wars 2?