New PSP Homebrew Release Diamondsion Assault: Run and Jump to Victory!

diamonsionassault iconQJ doesn't do as much PSP scene reporting as we used to, but that doesn't mean we can't revert back to the old days every once and a while. Check out this brand new platformer homebrew beta from QJ's own saiynax!



Despite the fact that the PSP scene has been around for almost a decade, many coders still prefer to call it their community of choice. Out of this vein comes saiynax's Diamondsion Assault v0.1. Like most of the homebrew in its category, DA is quite the simply structured affair. At its core, it's a platformer with basic run and jump mechanics. There are occasional bug like enemies that get in your way, but taking care of them is as easy crushing them with a single hop. The gameplay is fairly easy to grasp, but you basically just hit R to run and X to jump on or over anything you see.



diamondsion assault



The level design is quite minimalist with its coding, but saiynax still does a pretty great job of establishing an intergalactic, sci-fi feel for the game. This idea is enhanced by the fact that every single jump you make feels like you're propelling in a pseudo-zero-gravity state. In this space quest, it's your goal to stay alive, collect diamonds, and make it to the end of each map. This beta only contains one level, but it was heaps of fun to play, We hope to see more from this project in the future, but for now you can download it at the link below!



Download: Diamondsion Assault v0.1 BETA