New Pokémon Black & White 2 Trailer. Beware of the topless Shizui.

pokesmall1Another trailer to wet your appetites, this time for Pokémon Black & White 2, featuring a new rival, trainers, a mystery character and a topless guy.


Finally we have a gameplay trailer for Pokémon Black & White 2, showing off the two new trainers that were previously debuted, but also some other characters. The trailer is in Japanese, so I’ll do my best…the trailer shows off ‘Akuroma’, a ‘new mystery person’, and two gym leaders; the guitar(?) toting Omika and the sexy topless Shizui.



It also says that we’ll be treated a ‘previously unseen region’, but that’s hardly news to gamers following the game’s news. We also get to see some good old 2 VS 2 battles and a bit of the anime at the end.




It looks like that despite the game’s name, Nintendo are treating this like a full on new title in the series instead of what some may have feared to be a spin-off/expansion/FFX-2 affair.


I’m not too familiar with the story in Black & White, but it must have one in order to warrant a direct sequel, even if it is with new trainers and a new rival.


The game hits DS’ in Japan July 23rd