Mark Cerny: The PS4 Will Not Become Obsolete to PCs

markcernyBack in March, we posted a story about NVIDIA's senior VP calling the revealed PS4 specs "low end" in comparison to PCs. However, Sony's System Architect Mark Cerny isn't going to take that challenge lying down. See the man's rebuttal by reading on!


With the increased popularity of PC gaming, it made sense that the coming generation of consoles would usher in an entirely new argument. Many on the computing side of the fence clung to the fact that no matter what kind of fancy GDDR RAM the PS4 has, it will quickly be rendered obsolete by the constantly growing PC market. This was more or less the tune of NVIDIA's Tony Tomasi when he referred to the newest Sony offering as  a "low-end configuration."




Mark Cerny2




In response to these claims, Sony's Mark Cerny had a few of his own words to say. While speaking to Elmundo, he began by defending the entire console release model in that "the console tends to have higher performance than would be expected by the cost due to a lightweight operating system and the fact that developers enjoy many years to study the specific architecture." On Sony's end of things, not only have they accomplished that task on the OS front, but Cerny also explained a few key graphical tricks that set his system apart.  He adds that his team has "adapted the ‘hardware’ to allow the ‘shaders’ computing are used in traditional graphics interface. This is the kind of technique that we believe will be used within three or four years of the life cycle of the console to increase the graphical quality of the games.”



Will this be enough to trump the power of a gaming PC?