Mario Kart 8 Moves 2 Million in a Month

mksal1Things are going pretty okay for Nintendo this summer.

Nintendo has been much-maligned as of late for being “out of touch” with what gamers want. Its Wii U system was flailing, being outsold handily by the PlayStation 4 and on pace to be outsold by the Xbox One, as well. But then Mario Kart 8 happened, followed quickly by E3.




The result? Perhaps the beginning of another big gaming comeback story. Mario Kart 8, according to Nintendo’s shareholder meeting this morning, has sold two million units in the last month. Wii U sales are picking up as well. Apparently, about one-third of Wii U owners have purchased Mario Kart 8, and the game itself is driving new console sales.


No idea how long that momentum will hold. Nintendo made a huge showing at E3 with tons of excellent looking games and a great Zelda review, so things are looking good for the big N. Nintendo’s shareholders seem to be pleased -- they voted to keep Satoru Iwata in charge of Nintendo’s global operations.


What do you think? Do you own a Wii U? What would sell you one?