Mario Kart 8 Gets Weird Mercedes Tie-In

mariok1That strange Japanese Mercedes Mario Kart thing is happening in North America and Europe, too.

One of the weirdest things that has happened with Nintendo’s Mario Kart 8 thus far is a Japanese tie-in with Mercedes. Japanese players are able to download a special Mercedes-Benz GLA kart -- free of charge, of course -- and drive it around in MK8. You know, so you'll buy a Mercedes. You will buy a Mercedes, won't you?


It looks….odd:



Anyway, if you’re jealous that Japanese people are being pandered to and you’re not, here’s some good news: Mercedes has plans to launch the kart in North America and Europe this summer. No longer will you be cursed with a kart that looks like it belongs in the Mario Kart universe!


Need it to be weirder? Why not watch the commercial:



Yeah, that’s a handsome Mario driving a Mercedes. Not sure what it’s supposed to accomplish. Oh wait, I know, it’s designed like this so people talk about it on the internet!