It’s official: Say Goodbye To The Nintendo Wii

wii1One of the most popular consoles of all time is now on its way to the history books.

Today marked an important milestone for Nintendo -- the Nintendo Wii, which has sold over 100 million units in its lifespan, is no longer in production in Japan. The final unit is now somewhere in a Japanese retail store just waiting to be purchased, while Nintendo shifts its focus in the region to the struggling Wii U.




The Nintendo Wii is Nintendo's third-best selling device, trailing only the Nintendo DS and the original Game Boy. It is the fifth-best selling game device of all time, following Sony's PlayStation and PlayStation 2 consoles in addition to the aforementioned Nintendo devices.


Nintendo's fate increasingly sits on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS; while the latter is surging thanks to big games like Animal Crossing and Pokemon X/Y, the former is still having a hard time finding market share thanks to a dearth of games and hot competition from soon-to-be-released next-gen competitors. We'll just have to see how the holiday season plays out.