iPad 2 News: No New iPad in Time for Valentine’s Day

Apple won't be giving us the iPad 2 as a Valentine's Day present this year. The e-mail they sent our today proves we'll have to wait a little longer for the big announcement. We already know that we won’t be getting an announcement about the iPad 2 in January, and an e-mail sent out by Apple today confirms that we won’t be getting one in early February, either. This morning, I found a message from Apple in my box titled “Give iPad this Valentine’s Day.” The e-mail had festive photos of the current iPad with this text: “This Valentine’s Day, give the one and only iPad. They’ll enjoy apps, games, movies, books, and more. Pick up iPad today at the Apple Retail Store. Or shop online and get free engraving and fast, free shipping.” So Apple is trying to sell you an iPad now to give as a gift in two weeks. But aren’t we expecting there to be a new version of the iPad by then? This e-mail makes me doubt it. Can you imagine how irate buyers would be if they purchased an iPad for full price as a Valentine’s present, then saw it become the “old model” within days? This would be a PR nightmare for Apple, and they’re way too smart to pull something like that.

This e-mail makes me suspect that we won’t be getting that iPad 2 announcement until at least the first of March, and maybe not until a couple of weeks before the next gen tablet ships in April. After all, Apple won’t be lacking in media attention for February with the launch of both the Verizon iPhone and Rupert Murdoch’s digital newspaper The Daily.